Hamilton, Jane. Disobedience. Anchor Books (New York: 2000).

DisobedienceRiveting book about 17-yr-old Henry and his obsession with his mother’s secret affair. He keeps silent as if that alone has the power to keep their world from changing, but his attempt at detached irony takes on a bitter edge. When his younger sister’s obsession with Civil War reenactments triggers a crisis, we see whether this family can come through. Henry’s scorn for his mother is laced with unwilling sympathy. Complicated and compelling, like love. For writers: An excellent example of first-person voice done well. We know we’re only getting Henry’s take on things, but that’s what the story is about: his perspective. His growth, or failure to grow.


  1. I love this novel. The theme of this novel (an unfaithful mother) was the inspiration for my first novel. I think Disobedience did not receive the attention it deserves.

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